MSD MC-4 Tändbox

12 995 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
The MC-4 gives you the ability to program a variety of timing functions exclusively for your application. Being able to set an ignition curve for the holeshot and the timing of each cylinder will help get every bit of performance and power out of your bike! The Spark to each cylinder can be adjusted up to 5° in 0.1° increments which will eliminate any compromises in timing. A Cam Sync Sensor must be used to take advantage of this feature. Plot a timing curve throughout the entire range of your engine by 0.1° per 100 rpm. Program a separate timing curve exclusively for the launch! Compensate for varying track conditions. Programmable in 0.1° increments for every 100 rpm. Program a timing curve to use during the holeshot, which can remain active for up to 2.5 seconds. Control the ignition timing in relation to boost pressure. Timing can be programmed from 0°-25° in conjunction to boost pressure ranging from 0-45 psi in 0.50 psi increments. Three separate stages of retard can be activated by either rpm or a separate activation wire. This is perfect for all nitrous applications. Programmable from 0°-15° in 0.1 degree increments within 800-15,000 rpm in 100 rpm steps. Ease engine cranking during startup by retarding your timing from 0°-25° when the engine is under 800 rpm. Program a timing retard step of up to 15° for every gear change.