MPS Sportbike Airshifter kit

5 295 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Komplett kit som passar de flesta nyare fyrcylindriga sporthojarna. Den klart bästa och säkraste airshiftern på marknaden.

Electronic Engine Kill
DOT Air Bottle
Push In Fittings
Electric Air Valve
Air Pressure Gauge
Stainless Shift Cylinder

Our Electric Air Shifter gives you perfect shifts at the push of a button. The Electric Air Shifter includes all components and instructions necessary for a basic installation, however you will need to fabricate your own shifter bracketry. The Electronic Engine Kill features easy kill time adjustment. We invented the Electronic Engine Kill back in 1988 so we can offer our exclusive, no hassle, free repair or replacement lifetime warranty. Be sure to ask about that when buying a brand x copycat shifter. Our shifters come with push in style air fittings. These little jewels are so much nicer to work with than the old fashioned ferrule type that need replaced every time you remove the line. A DOT air bottle is included so you can upgrade to the high pressure system without needing to buy a new bottle. Custom wiring harnesses with a shifter/horn toggle switch are available as an option for some specific bikes to make wiring your MPS shifter a snap